Looking for the best companies for prototyping? Follow these tips.

It doesn’t matter if you are in San Diego, New York,  or Texas when it comes to looking for the best companies for prototyping, the search can be an educational and overwhelming experience. We’ve put together a list of tips that you can take into consideration to help find the right company for you.

Though we’re based in Louisiana, we work with a lot of entrepreneurs, startups, inventors and businesses all over the world including the UK. Their needs vary but they often have many of the same questions when it comes to prototyping. What we’ve noticed is that there are a handful of tips they they should consider to ensure that they are partnering up with the right service provider to bring their prototype to reality.

 #1) The Best Company For Your Prototyping Will Have Strong  Core Competencies.

Ask to see their portfolio and nit pick the details. Get the skinny on what they did for those products within their portfolio. Remember, this is an interview for them to get work and you to get a world class prototype.

#2)  The Best Company To Prototyping Your Product Will Have Strong Relationships with Suppliers and Manufacturers.

If the company that you choose to build your prototype is not interested in manufacturing your product, be sure that at the very least they understand designing for manufacturability (DFM) because it will be key to your success if you ever intend on taking your prototype into full production. The best company to prototype your product will know the DFM process inside and out and work with manufacturers and suppliers on the daily basis. Their established relationships with their vendors can be leveraged to your benefit.

#3)  Geography isn’t important

The best companies understand and work efficiently in the global economy. You shouldn’t have to limit your choices to working with a local company in Austin if a company that is a better fit for you is in San Diego or New York. Skype, Google Docs and other technologies have made real time communications inexpensive and available to just about everyone. The world is in the palm of your hand, take advantage of it and make sure they do to.

#4) The Best Companies For Prototyping Hire The Best People

And you can easily verify their qualifications by using online searches both in Google and sites like LinkedIn. Take note of the people you speak with and do some research. What are their backgrounds? what have they worked on? who do they know? All of these things can add a huge amount of value to the partnership.

#5) The Best Companies For Prototyping Can Add To Your Idea

Some prototyping companies will build exactly what you ask them to. If you are experienced in the process, this can save time and money, if you are not, this can be the kiss of death. A company full of active and creative minds will help identify problems before they’re problems. Ask for their honest input of the product idea during the first few meetings.  It’s important that it remains your idea, but you can leverage years of experience from the team around you at the table.

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